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Our Approach

Our multi-cultural and multi-racial practice provides services in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Slovak. The focus is relational and systemic within the cultural context.


We provide a full range of treatment options which include psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral work with individuals. This includes the LGBTQ community, with whom all clinicians have great experience.  

Our relational work with couples and families is informed by Ackerman Institute for the Family (Olga Silverstein, Evan Imber-Black, Jessie Turberg) and Family Institute of Westchester (Betty Carter, Monica McGoldrick).

We do systemic work with individuals, which we call coaching, as well as Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with individuals. We are dedicated to resolving issues that help individuals, couples and families heal. 

Specialties that can be seen in each individual clinician’s description include parent and adult children’s relationships, family life-cycle changes, separation and loss, the "empty nest", mid-life issues, retirement, marriage, young families and "why am I not married?"  These are some of the examples of the considerations that we address.


Psychodynamic and systemic theories underlie all our work.

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